Step brings exceptional expertise in hotel management, financial administration, sales & marketing, revenue management and hotel technology.

Hotel Management

Step Partners brings superior capabilities in hotel management, financial administration, sales & marketing, revenue management and hotel technology.

In addition to managing proprietary assets, Step provides third-party hotel management solutions as well as hotel consulting.

Step creates value through an active repositioning approach that often involves extensive property refurbishments, conversions and operational turnarounds.

Through its robust financial and IT infrastructure, Step provides best-in-class, institutional grade reporting for maximum transparency.

Step is dedicated to helping our institutional investors exceed their return hurdles and maximise profitability.

Revenue Management

Step leverages strong technology and data analytics to intelligently optimise pricing against a dynamic demand backdrop.

Step’s revenue management strategy involves segmenting demand into different customer types, each with different pricing and marketing strategies.

We take a holistic view to revenue management rather than a room-revenue-centric model in order to maximise overall hotel revenue.

Sales + Marketing

Step utilizes a consultative sales and marketing approach to develop a holistic and nuanced understanding of the customer’s needs.

We leverage best-in-class technology to manage channels across the hotel portfolio and enhance direct revenue opportunities.

Our aim is to protect the hotel’s brand and market awareness through continual refinement of the hotel identity, product and service.

Finance, Accounting + Technology

Step integrates finance and technology into all operational departments.

We utilize a cloud-based, paperless accounting solution to provide custom, real-time financial reporting.

We utilize the latest off-the-shelf technology to limit troubleshooting and maintenance.

Food & Beverage

Step is dedicated to maximising F&B profitability in today’s challenging operating environment, with labour shortages and high operating expenses.

We integrate F&B sales opportunities into the guest experience to increase spend-per-guest.

Step regularly undertake full commercial audits of our F&B outlets to identify cost-inefficiencies, process improvements and new revenue opportunities.

Human Resources

Step recruits, trains and empowers the best talent to achieve superior performance.

We deploy industry leading recruitment tools and the latest training techniques and technologies.

We believe in ongoing engagement at the hotel level to educate the staff to maximise revenue opportunities while emphasizing the importance of cost savings and efficiency.

We believe that our staff is our greatest asset and we live that philosophy in our how we attract, incentivize and retain our talent.

Risk Management

Step protects hotel ownership by mitigating risk wherever possible and limiting the impact of emergency situations when they do occur.

We use custom tools to engage associates on safety and prevention to drive positive ratings and reduce workers' compensation expense.